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Hey I Just joined, here is my setlist of 15 songs I've been listining to lately. I'm also in a band which I'll get around to posting the links to our mp3s eventually.

1.Against Me!- 8 full hours of sleep
2.Streetlight Manifesto- A better place, A better time
3. The Gogos- Vacation
4. Against Me!- Turn those clapping hands into angry balled fists
5.Outkast-Hey Ya
6. The Roots- The Seed 2.0
7. Streetlight Manifesto-Heres to life
8. Greenday- Brainstew
9.Morning Glory- The Whole World Is Watching
10. Choking V- Crack Rock Steady
11. Bob Marley- Redemption Song
12. Streetlight Manifesto- A Moment Of Silence
13.Jimi Hendrix- Wild Thing
14. NWA- Fuck Tha Police
15.Daycare Swindlers- Captivity
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