the underline empire (saltoncity) wrote in sounds,
the underline empire

help us go on tour!

For the third and most likely final time, I'm reaching out to those of you who book shows or aren't adverse to the possibility of a band playing in your house. With Eyes Like Static/Red Sky at Morning California Tour 2004 is only about a week away, and we still haven't gotten confirmation on some of our shows, so anyone that can help out, please do. WELS = ex-Box the Compass, RiYL Under a Dying Sun, Hot Cross, Fugazi. RSAM = ex-no one important, RiYL Drive Like Jehu, City of Caterpillar, Mogwai. Both bands have mp3s online, here and here.

Our schedule so far...
July 12 : San Diego (help!)
July 13 : Los Angeles (help!)
July 14 : Los Angeles / Bakersfield (help!)
July 15 : Fresno @ Lauren's House, 548 E Olive Avenue, 6pm
July 16 : Stockton @ the Yard House, 340 S. Olive, 6pm
July 17 : San Francisco @ the Balazo Gallery, 2811 Mission St, 7:30pm, w/ a Day in Black and White
July 18 : San Francisco (help!)
July 19 : Sacramento @ West Coast Worldwide, 1908 16th St, 7:30pm, w/ the Blue Letter
July 20 : Livermore @ Unity Skate Shop, 2188 Railroad Ave, 7pm
July 21 : San Jose / Santa Cruz (help!)
July 22 : Los Angeles @ the Robinson House, not sure on the address, w/ Occam's Razor
July 23 : Los Angeles (help!)

If you could book us on any one of those days marked (help!), that'd be so great I can't even fathom it. Either respond to this thread or email

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